it's come back round to that time of year again, that period where i feel pulled in really opposite directions. i've pretty much got a week of uni left before the summer break and i can feel myself starting to get the kind of clingy that ends with me hanging out in the edit suites or watching a movie with ryan and chris in the screening room until like 6pm. half of me is defiantly going I DON'T WANT TO GOOOOOOOOO because i love these kids so much, they're a strange kind of family to me (which is not the right analogy to use at all because hi, incest city) and i will barely see them this summer with what i'm doing, IT'S MAKING ME KINDA SAD.

but then on the other hand, i miss my actual family and i miss my horses and fields and lots of trees, and i know by the time semester one next year rolls around the part of me that likes to say NOOOOOO I DON'T WANT TO GO will be saying the same thing in relation to leaving home again. i am just a walking contradiction, basically. and i like whining.

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